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nylon lock washers in place of cotter pins on suspension fasteners?

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I am in the process of installing some aftermarket front LCAs TC rods and coilovers.  I was wondering if there is any trick or insight on cinching down the nylon lock nuts, are there torque values to fastening parts that connect with tapered rods like the ball joints? this setup uses a spherical joint for tc rods as well, what about those?   I plan to push this car very hard,  the thought of them backing off under heavy stress i freaking me out a little....

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Not sure about your setup but I ran into that rebuilding some suspension components on my 521.... I think I needed a thin wrench for my tierod to keep it from rotating then tightened the nut, I think my shock had an Allen slot on top to tighten the nut.... there should be some why to hold the part while you tighten it...


You could always do this if you are worried they will lossen up... added security..... 



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Most OEM's now days use nylock nuts instead of cotter pins. If its not a reused nut you don't have anything to worry about.

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