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240Z LS Swap - Advice Wanted

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Approached by a customer the other day about some upgrades to his wide body '73 240Z. It's not a particularly special car, no need need to keep it stock, so I suggested an LS swap.



  • does anybody make anything in kit form for this swap? If so, are the parts good quality? Do they look nice? Function well? Fit well?
  • transmission - we'd like to run a 5 spd manual. Any advice on which trans fits best and handles the horsepower.
  • motor - truck vs car. Truck intakes are taller, which may cause hood clearance issues, but the truck accessory drive may work better for the 240Z. Or is there a custom accessory drive that works well in these cars that doesn't look like the 1980's CNC factory threw up? Yes, we want to run A/C.


That's about it really. LS swaps are not new to me, but I do them mostly in trucks and older Land Cruisers. This will be my first Datsun LS swap.


Any input would be great. Anything except how we should keep the stock L6 ?. As I said, this car is not special, so the door's wide open for mods.


Here's a pic of my last swap so you guys know I'm serious.



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I am staying tuned.... Matt, whatever direction you go, this will be awesome!


You must have been getting bored doing so many LS conversions in 4WDs....lol!

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Seriously, Matt:

Ping Matt Dewitt in Oregon. Track down the thread about his neighbor's LS Z build.


This neighbor's build is just as ridiculous as most of your builds on the Expedition Portal....in a good way.


But I warn you reading that build is a time waster. Nothing is off the shelf. If I can find the link I'll post it.


Everything is custom.... just the way you build your stuff....lol!

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Custom is the best way to get exactly what you want, but it can be very time consuming.


Back in my cooking days, I worked for an old German chef that told me "if someone makes good ketchup, why take the time to make ketchup?"


I agree.


So I found a couple vendors selling LS swap parts for Z cars:

And I think Hakws Motorsports sells long tube headers that will fit in the Z car. It seems that a lot of these swaps are done with early LS motors, like and LS2 out of a GTO. The GTO accessory drive looks promising, but I have not used one yet. I try to stay with OEM brackets. They look better than the custom billet junk everyone sells these days. I like a motor to look like a motor.


Anybody have any tips?

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TBSS is known to be the best over all stock intake. However, the Dorman LS2 intake is shorter height and produces VERY similar numbers, so if height is an issue, i would suggest looking in to that intake.  It's also much nicer looking than the truck intakes.



There is an impressive array of LS accessory drive layouts.


This website from Chevy outlines most if not all.




Manual trans options depends on what performance level they are at and how they plan to drive it.


Obviously there is the T56 6 speed and TKO series 5 speeds can take more than 350 hp.  I've also seen the NV3500 used in car swaps, and after a short shifter swap, users have been quite happy. All of these can be fitted direct to LS, no adapting.


In addition, the AX15 and NV3550 are other available options.  And with what i read, there are a ton of gear options available to make it better perform in a car.  Novak makes an adapter that bolts the old gm 11 inch clutch bell housing to the ax15/nv3550.    As you may know, 5 of the 6 bell housing bolts cross over from SBC to LS.  You can use a specific Silverado flywheel to account for the LS crank being .040 recessed as compared to the SBC.  5.3 truck LS is supposedly right at the upper limit of those transmission capabilities.  Novak also sells a "HD" rebuilt ax15 that can taker more abuse as well.

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I have done a few 240Z LS swaps.

I get the parts from Johns Cars. Same company as Jags that run. Good fitment and super affordable

If you get an LS1/T56 combo from an F body (camero, firebird, GTO) you are good to go. Shifter location is perfect

300hp is plenty in these cars. Super fun

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