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Justice for the 69 datto (pics)


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What’s up everyone, name is Jonathan but I’m also known as “salty “so here I am after snooping around and bouncing from site to site trying to get all the info I could for the project.  Datsuns have been in the fam for over 20 years  so I’m familiar with the cars a bit.  Never done one as project Thoe. TILL NOW:) . 


The story behind this car. 


got  the car for  2500 back in 2013 Came with everything original besides the cambers plates some ignition upgrade to matchbox and a fully machined and rebuild l16 engine. The car sat for about 5 years with the previous owner. (Seems to be the norm for these awesome cars.) So the minute I got it I replaced belts wires and spark plugs, and battery. Cleaned up the carb a bit . Cleared and clean the gas tank then repainted gloss black.  Ran temporary fuel line and... VOILA finally turned and started like a champ.  My plan was to get it to start.  fix up all the little stuff to be safe on the road and drive it while I saved up to do suspension, brakes. Then engine and finally paint and interior. So I started to strip all the paint I could. It had fat patches of bondo on driver side rear quarter panel along bottom of door jams, and front fenders. Lucky only found rust on passenger side door jam and floor pan and no where else. 


Started to strip  40 years of undercoating and man that was a work out it self. Laying down under the car with everything landing on my face even with a face shield haha. Finished up driver and passenger seat (which the floor pans here need replacement due to bad welding)  and repainted with new undercoating.  As well as the rear wheel wells 


And soon enough you guys will know why I’m called salty. So after doing all this work and being stoked about the project I ended with health issues which resulted in a complete stop of my project.  Now  5 years later I’m here to make some justice  for this car. Can’t have another half finished project. Specially a Datsun. Since I my self seen people start and not finish, then sell their half started project only to have the car get stripped  and not fixed. And then there goes another Datsun gone for ever.  


Will be be posting some pics later but for now I’ll leave you guys with this quick pic of how it’s stands for now.  (Hope they work sorry in advance if they don’t) I’ll be updating as frequent as possible with pics and progress. As well as the goodies that come with the whole project it self.  I’m really trying to get the project atleast to roll before the rain hits hard. 









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31 minutes ago, edekalil said:

Welcome and good luck with her. I know the feeling about getting an illness while in the middle of doing your dream car. I still have one that is all apart still. 

 Thank you already got suspession and brakes from Troyermish and  picking up a shell maybe next week with a KA24DE and and a whole bunch of s13 that comes with the shell. 


“It’s the 91 coupe roller with steel brake and clutch lines, hydro e brake, KA24DE with 5MT, excedy stage 2 clutch, S14 5x100 conversion in the rear with big brake kit, MHI 16g turbo (rated for 500HP), welded diff, JDM imported S13 embroidered seats, grant GT racing steering wheel, some drift spares for the rear, and I have most interior pieces sitting in storage if you want them including the full back seat“

Motor about 90k and never got to Drift with it. Half done project. 


What do guys think of this buy for 1k compression was good on the motor, it turns. So it’s not stuck.  Just Gona check it out in person Monday. And give the final ok. 

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Dead to re so all the wiring in the engine bay tommakw sure there wasn’t any broken wires. (Only found the ignition wire melted )  found some wires broken at the plugs  and fixed as much engine bay wiring as possible and re raped it back up. Cleaned off grounds and added two more grounds to the engine just in case. 



Then hen this is the after pic once I was done re doing the whole engine bay harness 





Then ended gaming emgine out to do engine bay qork. And this is how its





engjne out 



and starting to remove all the pain  from the engine bay 




the. Removed the battery stand 

and horn mounts  and primered 










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3 minutes ago, banzai510(hainz) said:


I would have sold my red 4door for 3k knowing this. the one in my avatar

Yeah 2500 but it was a complete car. I took off moldings doors feeders bumpers and stripped everything.  It only took me about 60-80 bucks to get to actually start and be able to drive it once I got it to my

house. I’m trying to get  all my  old pics from when instatted the project 4-5 years back.  Ill post the  pic when I got the Datsun home once I get my hand on my  laptop 

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So went and got this guy today, poor s13 with half ass done swap. And very bad gauge wiring and ecu wiring. Was told ecu was burned because they mixed up power and ground wires. Motor cranks, the oil is dirty but not milky. Has hydro ebrake I’ll be using in Datsun possibly. S14 KA24DE 5speed Has stage two racing clutch, or was told it did. How old idk. And BnM short shifter. still gota drop engine and give it one final look and hopefully is good shape. 








also did gave me this turbo he said it was good. 






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Can anyone tell me what turbo this is?  Guy I got the car from said it’s a MHI 16g turbo  but I don’t know to much  about turbos. 


Also so look who decided to come out of the 240:) time to give it a better check.  And see where all that gunked up oil is coming from. 




been working a lot and now with the sunset being much earlier already it gets hard to work on it after work.

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So finally after trying to actually find someone to  flip and weld my crossmemwber it got done. And that same day I put my engine and tranny together. And boom test fit  the beast but with out tranny mount.  Used KA24DE  block mounts and 510 stock mounts for now. Been reading a lot on the tranny mounts but not to sure in Wich one to get. The technotoy or the other guys McKinneys. Either way I need to pick one that won’t be to much on the way of anything.  Also want to get after marker motor mounts. I have my doubts that the stock 510 might be able to put up with the pulls haha. Also Need to get the intake work done. Replace some hoses, removing the butterfly’s and putting new intake and exhaust gaskets.  And can’t forget the one belt conversation that is also something I might do. Since I’m not going to be running P/S or AC . Haven’t had Those things in any of my cars since I started to drive back in 04 any way 






btw the guy that was going  seam  stich my engine bay flaked on me. Still trying take get another guy to come out.  But atleast engine is sitting in there all mocked up. Tilting a little to the right bit I’m sure that’s normal?? 



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Any help would be great appreciated guys as I’m trying to document this as good as I can for other noobs like my self to follow 


Now on the manifold and cleaning it off 

read a lot of things to remove: the pros and cons and  dim which rout to take. Leave Evap or take it off.  Just leave what’s it needs to run.   




Block off egr 

remove all air hoses/tubes and lines

replace  PCV Hoses. (the old hose where all cracked.)


Also removed the butterfly flappers inside the the intake   Hot left the rod in. Anything else I should move or take off With our having issues? 





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2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Do you know why Nissan put the butterfly's there????? I would have left them on a stock manifold.



Yes I actually read it yesterday on one of the old post you explaine the butterfly’s and some of the evap.  I removed the butterfly’s  to clean the build up.  

But everything I’ve read doesn’t really proof much on it helping a lot.  If anything it makes it run a bit shittier at idle when it’s cold. And also loses bottom end power?  I personally want to remove  Evap system. But also want to have a nice running engine at all times. I don’t think I can have both with the system  off. So I’m open to any help and any constructive  criticism you and any of you guys Got for me. 


I just finished cleaning my intake mani from  all the oil build up from the pcv rail hoses leak.   


Thanks I’m advance 

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32 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

Nothing wrong with the stock manifold. No sense re-inventing the wheel. Maybe a larger 300x throttle body?

Yeah don’t want to spend that extra load of cash on a new intake  when I can use my own.  And as far as the Evap just connect everything back? Or can I removed the egr valve atleast , or what would you guys recommend i do with the Evap. I still have all the Evap stuff. And I put the butterfly’s back in. Maybe when I go turbo I’ll remove a the Evap stuff and get it tuned with out all that stuff?   Thanks datzenmike 

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Cleaned some things up today to get back  on the motor. As well as ordered my technotoy tranny support and mounts changed the hose on my intake (all the cracked ones specially the pcv rail hoses happy to see it much cleaner ? progress as the days go by 




alternator got some love too 





tomorrow i need start hooking back some lines  and also my intake and exhaust manifold. just waiting on my gaskets 


some more progress tomorrow For sure  

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2 hours ago, datzenmike said:

You can leave the EGR and just deactivate it. If you remove you have to make a block off plate for it and they always look home made. Removal does not affect or improve the running at all.

Ok cool, i was dreading that long steel tube that ran exhaust manifold.  Since it would hit against my fire wall.

Thanks I appreciate it. if There’s anything else to remove or leave I’m all ears. Thanks again datzenmike

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23 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

 I got the guy to crank the car for me and it sounded fine. Nothing out of the norm. Nothing was connected  and the ecu was fried. (Still looking for s13 one.) After inspecting the engine it looked like the oil leaks it did have came from the distributor.  The o ring that goes on the shaft was old. So it leaked down. Then the second big leak was the PS pump  and a bit in the oil pan but that could just be from what ran down from the dizzy and PS pump. The alternator was like that all wet cus inwas spraying a tooth brush with degreaser to knock of the build up. It was dried out glumps of debris/oil. The Main contributor to this was the pcv valve rail hose. The one closest to the throttle body was extremely cracked. More so than the others. And so the leak caused a mess aroun throttle body as well as the alternator 

42 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

Kind of worried about the oil on the alternator. Did you see this engine running??? Could the engine be punched by what looks like a wannabee drifter??


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I don’t think that engine ever made it to the track honestly. The only thing that was connected was the engine harness halfed ass.  They did the wiring wrong and so they friend the ecu.  I belive the engine never made it to the track because it still had all the Evap system and ac pump. As well as the engine was just sitting in the car. Not bolted at all.  It took me like 20 minutes to get that engine out . Nothing was hooked up besides the ecu. 

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