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Don't know. It's easier to have a properly set fuel level. Some Hitachi SUs have over flow tubes that dump gas down beside the engine.... kind of scary if you ask me.

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All the Weber DGV carbs I have ever seen have two ports on the lid. one for inlet and the other plugged from the factory with a removable, threaded plug. I am sure they do this to give the option of which side of the carb you want your fuel inlet (fitment issues), but it could conceivably be used for a return setup with a regulator.


Don't really think you would need one though on a low pressure system such as this.


Why do you want a return line?

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I've seen some with a return line. It's not needed though. I assume you are asking because your 69 510 has a factory return line. I would just cap it off on both ends. That's what I did on mine.

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