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Len Robertson

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I'm sad to say that Len Robertson passed away last Sunday a few days after heart surgery. He was 72 I'm told


Len was with us at Ratsun so long I don't even know how long, he just always was. Years ago I passed through his town in eastern Washington on the long way home from Canby and mentioned it in a post on Ratsun. He said why the hell didn't you drop by? I said your profile only says eastern Washington, how would i know where you live? That was 5 years ago and the last 4 I've dropped by and gone out to breakfast with him and maybe his wife. We would talk Datsuns the whole time then go back to his place and talk Datsuns while wandering about the property. Last June he drove us to the golf course for breakfast in his DD 510! A real treat... and no muffler! Oh Len, you will be sorely missed.



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29 minutes ago, Farmer said:

Sad to hear. RIP


What was his screen name (if he had one)



It was Len Robertson :) 

Sorry to hear we lost another one, at least the Datsuns up there will be well taken care of. 

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Indeed a sad thing, Len never seemed in poor health all the times I'd met him.  He reminded me of an older version of Wayno.  Always a smile and Datsun stories for miles.  His herd of cars will be thinned, Regy may buy his 510 if Karen options it.  Len had a lot of interesting things squirreled away which will be put up on ebay or whatever.  For those of you who didn't know, Len was the longtime hired hand of Lord's Valley farms in Sprague/Harrington.  He will be missed.

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Every June I was out there it was sunny, very warm and windy, just perfect weather. I was so looking forward to the next visit and breakfast. Little did I know that the last one was the last one. We got talking and it was after noon before I got back on the road. Good times.


He had an F10 too. That weird little FWD Datsun.

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