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New member here! My 240z

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A month or 2 ago I picked up a 1972 240z. It's in pretty good shape, minimal rust and runs and drives pretty good. I have done a lot of work to it since then, just trying to fix the small things that get trashed over time. So far it's coming along. It's not the best in the paint department. It was painted probably in a garage and doesn't look like it was prepped very well. I bought it and it was missing a few bits, like carpet, a front bumper, and keys to the doors and the hatch. Since then I have done a lot of work to it. Fixed up my doors so the windows don't rattle and go up straight. Put in some new carpet that made the interior 1000x better. Dash cap to cover up the cracks and to protect it so it doesn't get worse. Replaced the exhaust with some free pipes I got with the car. I have fiberglass front and rear bumpers, but the paint shop is going to make sure they fit nice and snug for me next weekend when they try to clean up the paint. Same with my BRE spook chin spoiler. Added a set of Rota RKRs 15x8 et0 because my old wheels were just kind of meh. Also found a NOS ignition switch with original keys for a 280zx and was able to swap the internals over for a new set of real keys. Got the locks re-keyed. The car runs pretty good, but the SU carbs need some adjustment. I plan on rebuilding and cleaning them up over the winter as well as a leaky tail shaft seal and possibly the rear diff that looks like it's leaking. Eventually some Eibachs to bring it down a bit in the front, hopefully lol. Now onto the pics.


When I bought it.



More recent pics.



The most recent pics.




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Right now I just want to fix it up looking nice as best as I can and I have done a lot of what I wanted to do already. Once the bumpers come back and the chin spoiler are all on the car the exterior will be pretty much what I want. Over the winter I plan on ripping into the leaky tail shaft seal, the leaking diff cover. Try to make the brakes better because they don't seem right currently. Eventually put a new window regulator in because the passenger one is bent a bit and binds. But pretty much just make it reliable enough to hop in and drive.

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I have been working pretty hard on getting the car where I have wanted it. Saturday I snapped a few pics of what I consider close to how I want it. It still needs to be lowered and I hadn't gotten the chance to put the badges back on, but the pics still turned out pretty good.




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