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I was born and raised in Winslow Az, my grand parents also lived here and had a home and tradeing post near Williams Az in Valle about 20 miles North. As a teenager i would go to Valle and work for her at the tradeing post during the summer breaks. She owned a 1966 Nissan Patrol that she called "THE DATSUN" every mlrning we would get in "THE DATSUN" and drive on the side of the road about a mile to the tradeing post. The reason we drove on the side of the road was because she had 2 German Shepards (Shane and Shawn) that would run behind us all the way.  Wow the memories! That was in the late 70s early 80s. My grandmother loved "THE DATSUN" we would always go 4x4ing in it in the forest to go arrow head hunting. We also took it to Williams Az to go grocery shopping all the time, i am looking forward to takeing "THE DATSUN" to the Route 66 JDM Classic since its held in Williams Az (how cool is that!). In 1984 my uncle (her son) talked her into replacing "THE DATSUN" with a new Jeep CJ and he took the Patrol to his Tradeing post outside of Flagstaff where he used it to plow snow for years! My grandmother never did like the Jeep, it just didnt measure up to "THE DATSUN". she passed away in late 96 and my uncle asked me if i wanted "THE DATSUN"?  Of course i said yes. I finally picked it up around 2004. The motor ran, but it needs rebuilt. I had a Chevy 292 laying around so i stuck it in "THE DATSUN" it runs pretty good! One day i opened the glove box and what do you know, there were several arrow heads in there, possibly from when i went with her years ago! I left them in there, thats where they will stay! I love this old Nissan Patrol "THE DATSUN"! I now have 7 of them, the other 6 are just parts donors. I am now building a custom Nissan Patrol pickup. The cab roof and back are all custom built along with the bed. Its mounted on a 94 Jeep Wrangler chassis that i extended 18" and installed a 6.5" lift with 33" tires. Wish i could post pics of these, but i cant figure out how to do that. Anyway, i will also call this pickup "THE DATSUN". 


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Welcome to the Circus. There are a few things to know being new around here.

Sarcasm can be the general rule.

This is really a forum for assholes, we just all happen to own Datsun's

We all want pics.

Be thick skinned, I mean hey, its the internet.

Use the search button.


Try using imgur as a posting site for pictures. There are a couple threads around here explaining most of the hosting sites.


I can't wait to see this beast in Williams. Missus Kelmo and I will have a booth with Hot Wheels, T-shirts, and possibly some metal art next to command center. Stop by and say hi.

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