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Converting auto to manual locking hubs


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2 hours ago, bottomwatcher said:

His had the splines continue to the end of the shaft without the groove for the snapring. I have made my own groove caveman quality and used a round wire snapring. There is a reverse taper in the splined part that engages the hub and it pressed the wire snapring into the groove. I really wouldn't call it a proper fix but the 82 and earlier halfshafts are NLA so you gotta do what you gotta due. On a side note while over serving myself some beer in my shop I grabbed a clutch alignment tool off the wall. Those splines match the clutch, the front outer halfshft and the trans output shaft. Just a little useless info.

The Japanese were better than anyone for cross utilizing everything -lol.

I parted out an 85 and it did have the groove at the end like you said , and it had auto hubs on it. So maybe certain years like mine they were proprietary axles . Now I have a set to do either .

This is one case where things were not easily swappable .

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