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L20b b310

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Does anyone know of this being done anywhere? Does anyone have any pictures?


I’m sure I’m not breaking new ground.  I have finally got the engine and trans in at the same time, but it has required major surgery. I still don’t know if the hood will go back on. 


I can can see why Nissan stretched the nose on the Sunny Perfects, there are no room in these damn things. 


When it’s not 3:30 in the morning, I’ll update my build thread. This little tangent of the project has been a bit more than I bargained for....or I’m just tired and being bitchy....

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Hi, I've put an L16 in my round light 79 b310 (b210 in USA) 

Yes the hood hit just where the cross brace sits in the underneath the bonnet. 

I used shorter engine mounts to drop it 10mm. Good luck trying to fit a L20 with stock carby. I used twin su carbs. 


What major surgery did you do? I only had to fit the pa10 pedal box for a hydraulic clutch and some relief on the gearbox cross member to fit the 5speed gear box . 

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I moved the engine back because I couldn’t get the radiator in. Now the 280zx trans is too friendly with the tunnel, so I had to do some chopping. I am going to be using a KA head eventually which should give me hood clearance. 


Did you have room for a rad in the stock location, or did you modify the core support?


If you have any pics I would love to see them. 



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I used a SR20 radiator that had the inlets and outlets on the correct sides. It's a twin core. 

Takes up the whole nose cone area between the chassis rails 


Sent you a message about the pictures. 

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