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RIP Dave aka Pumpkin210

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Dave was a great guy with a big heart and a bigger personality, from the ass pennies to the clown shoe's. He took the time to give my kids rides in his bagged wagon and let them flip the switches, he was a god to them at that moment and they still talk about it to this day, thanks Dave, R.I.P.



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Dave was a great guy!  He had my back a few years ago, when i was going through a very tough time in my life. He always had something supportive to say & it was a big help to me at that time.

Dave contacted me once ab a set of wheels.  I hated the ones i had on my Goon, & he had a thing for them.  He must've already had several sets, but wanted to trade me a set of Iron Cross wheels, just because he knew i didn't like the ones i had.  He worked things out, so that someone picked them up at his place,& brought them to me at Blue Lake.   I have heard MANY stories of him doing similar things for other people.   He was just that kind of guy. 

I have been looking for a picture of my son with the Birdshit Goon.  My kids were super impressed with it.

Dave was a Fantastic person, with a larger than life personality.   He will be Greatly missed!

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DAMN I wish I'd met him. The measure of someone's life is how they're remembered. Given the stories he's left behind, Dude's life was giant.



Enjoy the final fun run Dave. 

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Damn.  I remember him from his crazy 210, and some of his posts around Ratsun.  Sorry I never really got to know him, but my impression of him was he was an absolute hoot to be around and to know.  I'm sorry I never got that honor.


As a heart surgery patient myself, that really hits close to home for me.


My condolences to all his friends and family.


RIP Dave.

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I came back to my car at Canby one year and someone had made an outline of a cock on my hood with pennies. I can only guess who.




He was so high powered that after a conversation with him you felt like you were in a tornado's path of destruction. WTF was that????

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I didn’t know Dave but having lost a few great fellow enthusiast friends myself and while they can never be replaced they can be honored by keeping the community going. So Dave Rest In Peace knowing we will still be here keeping these rats running. 

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I don’t think I can walk by a penny or take a sip of apple pie shine without thinking of Dave. I know you can read all of this, and I thank you for your time. I understand that the universe needs one of its engineers back and that’s ok, there’s not one better to take to the drafting table. Godspeed my friend and we will all see you in due time. Keep an eye on us bastards. 



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I was really blown away with Daves passing it sucks that another great person had to leave us.  The last few canbys have been pretty lonely without him, and it now won't ever be the same without Slick McFavorite dammit.  Check on your friends & love ones guys you never know when their time will come we all have a clock that runs out of time at some point.  



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Wrong photo link.
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I found a few pictures from the years that I was taking photos of Datsun shows in NW.

I have here some of the first photos of his orange 210 and also the Birthshitwagon. Dave was given the Ratsun award at Canby 2010



























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I met Dave at the first Canby I went to I think, in '09, maybe it was '11.  Can't remember exactly.  I wrote something about him I posted on facebook this morning while processing the news, since have posted it on NWDatsuns as well.  I can't think of anyone who left more of an impact on me while knowing him so briefly.


Pumpkin was the kind of guy who was always accepting. I hadn't talked to him in probably 2 years or so, but I know if I had called him up randomly, we'd bullshit and if we were close we'd swing by and see each other and kick it. I remember when he drove the grey Maxima wagon by my place after he had gotten it. Just random, happened to be in Spokane for something or other. I wasn't his close friend, but he made you feel like you had known each other for ages. So many good times at Canby, always wondering what the next nutty thing he would drag out, like the fishing line attached to the wheel hub on the birdshit goon, lol. And I know if he saw me in tears on the couch, he'd stop by with clown shoes on or something and make my ass laugh.

For someone I rarely see, I'm really going to miss him.








Also, Johnny is making memorial stickers for $10 proceeds less cost of manufacturing go to Dave's family.

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I had a few people express interest in some sort of medallion as a rear view mirror ranger in memory of dave.

Im in the process of getting a batch made, there will be a thread when things are in production.

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I found out the day he passed. We only chatted on Facebook a couple of times. Would've been nice to meet the guy. So very sad about this. RIP Datsun brother. ?

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