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L16 SU carbs?

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Does anyone know about this setup?  Can it work on a stock L16?  What's it worth?  If so, any advantage over the stock Hitachi?  I know someone trying to get rid of it.






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Four bolt Roadster carbs on an L series intake. I think they are 40mm? Should work alright although the L16/18 SSS used a 38mm SU.


Maybe 240z carbs which would be 46mm? and a little large for the L16 but still work.



They will work on a stock L16 but were used on the JDM L16SSS Coupe which had different pistons and cam. If you want the same cam as the L16SSS find an L20B cam.



$150 is a great price. You'll need choke cables and connect up the throttle linkage. They are a lot of work to get running just right but then they run forever and are very reliable. 

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Rocky?  The pic links don't work for me, but if the dual carb set is the SSS 2 bolt mounting, I have an NOS linkage kit for it!  PM or email me if interested! 


Also, the British sports car Triumph TR6 dual choke cable is a good set up........OEM part # UKC2121..........source online at Moss Motors or Victoria British.



Denver CO

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