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620 column shift linkage bushings

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Hi. I've searched around on Ratsun and haven't been able to find a previous post with an answer so I hope that someone here can help. I have a 1978 620 with a 4 speed column shift and the linkage bushings are shot. Can someone help out with a part number or a link to a part that would fit? 


I've counted 6 in total that need replacing so I'm assuming the bushings would be identical for all. I took the most accessible one apart and it looks like someone has used plastic tube and shimmed it with some washers. The rest look like worn rubber bushes and a couple are missing completely.


I've found this which claims to be a column shift link bush (part 34552-h1010) but I'm not sure if it is the correct part.













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Looks like there are a number of bushings in that bag. Being your at least in the same country, you should contact NZ Datsun Parts directly. 

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