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Are Autometer gauges worth the money?


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So what do people think of Autometer gauges? Are they worth the money?

Is there another brand that is just as good but cost less?


I am done with those cheap ebay gauges...I won't even get into the issues, I just wanna know the best replacement..


First will be my oil pressure gauge, ( the only one I really need/want), then maybe a matching voltage, and maybe for Christmas the tach..... I'm currently looking at these.....





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Check out Revolution Digital Gauges at Speed Hut. I've had their analog readout gauges in my car for about 8 years and other than issues with the ATL fuel level sending unit on my fuel cell (not the gauge itself) everything has been super solid. If you ever have an issue they have a lifetime warranty on the electronics, including temp and pressure sending units.








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They look very similar, so you may be able to mix and match to get the best price for the gauges you want. Looks like some of Autometer stuff is pretty reasonable, but others are $300. Totally random 


For what it's worth, this is my setup.



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Now I'm not sure what I want to do.... I was hoping to stick to one brand, i like how you can customize the look of the  speedhut gauges.... and I like their warranty.... autometer fixes theirs but I believe there's a cost involved....

If I go all analog faces its definitely alot cheaper than digital readouts.....



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I hear yuh,


Best to really focus on what you intend to do with your truck. Is it going to be daily, a weekend street bomber balancing show and race, or more one than the other? One thing I'd recommend either way is drawing a scale layout of your cluster on wide paper, set it in place behind the wheel and sit in the driver seat. That way you can see it from the proper perspective and avoid putting a gauge in a blind spots. Another thing to consider is a shifting light. The Revolution tachs have a trigger switch built in. 


For me it was a functional choice rather than esthetic. An analog dial is a quicker easier read with a glance at the position of the needle. I have a digital readout for my air fuel mixture and ethanol sensor, and both are well to the right of the main cluster.  I've noticed that when viewing them at an oblique angle they are harder to see, but on a very bright sunny day, it's almost imposable without putting your face straight on. Mind you, they are the gauges that came with these kits and not Revolution.

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Autometer Cobalt digital gauges suck ass. I had the temp gauge in my wife’s old montero limited, the backlight is way too bright, and the gauge started fucking up within a year. Parts of the first and second digit burned out. I’ve had the summit knockoff for much longer, and it works better. The analog autometers are very good though. 

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Thanks for the input, I am glad I decided against the digital ones.. I actually think I'm gonna go with a set of the analog speedhut gauges. I think paradime mentioned analog is easier when needing to view quicker...

The biggest reason I want speedhut now is the customization you can do to them plus lifetime warranty..... pricing wasnt bad either.... 

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Another vote for speedhut here. I bought 4 of their gauges had some issues, not with the product, but with the car itself and wiring. Their support was top notch. Maybe not the cheapest, but good company, and great product.


Will be buying more gauges from them in the future for sure!!

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Love using Glowshift gauges as they are stepper type with multi-color faces usually and have start up displays and memory recall on most.


Also they always run promotion discounts and free shipping with free accessories.


Never had and issue and I saved money so I could spend it in other areas of the build.

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Always been a VDO fan myself.

Not digital, but old fashion analog type.

Have had them in my Cressida for 15 years, and never a failure.

Had put some cheap-asz sun-pro in my 620, and they started falling apart within a couple of years,

so when the gauge pods go back in, they will have VDO, except for my Tomei A/F, and my HKS EGT, which are both 25 years old, and going strong.

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VDO are great.  They have been used in VW as stock gauges and are crazy common in boats still.


BUT, i think the best datsun gauge is a datsun gauge.  720 trucks came with oil pressure and volt meter gauges that are 2 5/8 individual gauges.  I have a set in my 510, another set going in my 240sx, and of course a set in my 720.

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