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I'm back in the 411 game - WRL411

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How are the headliner trim pieces in that parts car? 

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7 hours ago, reza said:

I'll have to add a 3rd light to the top of my wagon hatch, I believe you, I've owned 7 or 8 rear bumpers and all except for 1 was crunched. 


I can appreciate how hard to find 410/411 rear bumpers must be to get your hands on. Try coming up with a NL320 rear bumper; especially anywhere off the west coast.  I added a LED third light to our 1200 Sport Truck. I probably should add a second light and make it twice as wide. I've been run over several times in the last 20 years and have a plastic right foot to show for it. A 410/411 Goon is on the bucket list to keep the pickup company.



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^  Thanx.  ^

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4 hours ago, difrangia said:

^  Thanx.  ^

I take it that Red is your favorite color on a car :) Really dig your truck. I usually enjoy chasing parts but there's a fine line, when the fun turns into obsession, in which I end up spending 5x the amount I intended. I better be safe and get the LED.  The rare parts struggle is real. 

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Yeah, Reza, red 'Corse Rosse'.  Italian Racing Red. Both of my dad's parents were Italian immigrants. '23 & Me' pegs me at 37% Italian ancestry with a good helping of French.


Red comes natural for me. My other two 'daily drive' cars not in the pic are one red and  the other one blue (guess that's the Frenchy blood ?).


I've always had at least one or two oddball toy vehicles around that provoked blank stares from parts counter guys so for decades I've grown accustomed to scrounging old stock parts or substituting and adapting stuff from other vehicles or whatever was required to maintain my toys. Almost fifty years of career in machine shops and sheet metal fab shops has helped out immensely. 


My wife accuses me of being criminally invested in that red 320, but she knows that it's like my favorite pair of pants or shirt. She knows that she'd be in deep Caca if she even thought of throwing out that pair of pants or shirt, no matter how threadbare or holey they got. The 320 has found a semi-permanent home.


Life is GOOD !!

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