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610 front shocks advice


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If you have the original oil bath dampers empty the thin watery hydraulic fluid and replace with thicker viscosity motorcycle fork oil. I did my Maxima struts this way using Bell Ray 20W fork oil. This keeps the original compression/rebound design and just stiffens/renews the action. $20 CDN for a liter that will do three struts.


As to the inserts, they must be the same length or shorter than the originals. Just add washers under the insert to make up the difference and bring it up snug to the gland nut when tightened down.

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Thanks for the advice. No, the original shocks are gone. A workshop replaced them with the KYBs. Now there is a clunking sound on both sides, guessing they did not use spacers. Now I’ll try to the job myself, with the assistance of ratsun and youtube.

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