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1967(?) Cony 360 Wide Kei/Micro Truck ... Nissan?

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Picked up this older Cony 360 Wide. It's thought to be a '67. Odd ball little thing... opposed (flat) 2 cylinder, dry sump, air cooled, 354cc with a whopping 18bhp.


Cony engineered and produced military vehicles including aircraft for Japan, but after the war they began making Kei cars and engineering small engines. Nissan purchased Cony in late 1960s. Cony designed and built the A series engines (copy-cat of BMC engines) for Nissan used in the 1200 / Sunny cars. 


This little Cony was used as a grounds vehicle for city of Seattle in it's former life.


What am I going to do? No idea. First plan is to get it to turn over. Good news, it has compression and spins freely.
















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That thing is sweet!  I like the windshield visor.  Can you fit in it behind the steering wheel?

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Surprisingly, I fit well. 


No progress with it running. Have to sort out a faulty starter issue first. 

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Hot wire it and push it to start it.  Starter sorted out until you get it running!  LOL

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