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1972 daston 510 L16

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This is the oiler jet between the chains above the crank sprocket? It should have a single small hole for oil. As long as it's not completely chewed through it should be ok. Loosen the top bolt on the curved chain guide and push it as far to the right as you can while holding the tensioner in tight. This will tighten and remove much of the chain slack and keep the chain from hitting the oiler and making it worse.


The Nissan part number is 13081-21000 for the oil jet. Only a couple of bucks. Maybe Nissan can find one for you. Later Z series don't have the oil jet but the tensioner has a hole to let oil out.



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The chain oiler looks like that because of a stretched chain.  As long as there aren't holes in the grooves it's OK.  New ones are available through the dealer.  I have some NOS ones in AZ.

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