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Stock U20 SU On R16?

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So I have a U20 intake and SU carbs, actually in beautiful shape and I was given a R16 engine in great shape. I can obviously see that this U20 intake doesn't match up with the R16 head ports. Will these carbs work with a R16 intake; to where I could just buy proper intake? Or should I just try to sell/ trade these for carbs that will fit? Thanks guys!7jOWeWm.jpgIXachZs.jpg60DgLYe.jpg

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An absolutely beautiful set of U20 carbs !  If it were mine [jealousy apparent] I would prefer to trade an authentic U20 set for an RL411 or  311 roadster set including the manifold.  Why ? for authenticity's sake !  Depending on the target vehicle, which you neglected to specify, the replacement set of carbs may well need to be with the intake  gasolene tubing either both on the front ALA RL411 sedan or with front and rear tubing alternating ALA PL311 roadster.  Details do count !

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Sorry about that! It's a 1967 Roadster 1600 that originally came with the R16 and 4spd. The car was stripped though a long time ago and then barn kept for years. I recently bought it for cheap but as I said it's just a roller, was lucky and had a friend give me some stuff to help get it going again

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I should imagine they are 40mm and the R16 needs 38mm. Sort of like running 240Z 46mm? carbs on a much smaller L20B. Not saying it doesn't work but moving more air will probably need the needles and seats changed?

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