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Driveshaft measurement, 510 4 door/VG30/71C

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Hey all, yesterday I measured for a driveshaft shortening on my 510/VG30/71C trans swap. Per the driveshaft shop, I was to measure from the diff flange, to the center of the universal joint with the output yoke bottomed out on the back of the trans, then subtract 1/2" to allow for installation, flex, etc. I came up with a measurement of 36.125" with the .5" subtracted. 


After the fact, i realized the yoke in the trans was from a Z31 driveshaft, not the 510 one. Do I need to remeasure with the 510 D/S yoke in there? or is there any "known" difference in measurements?


Sudden thoughts at 3am at work on Monday...ugh! 

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Well you never know.  I moved some things around and the driveshaft was moved away from the transmission so I used a longer spline to be sure it had good depth.


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Made it back to the shop and measured, 48mm from the bottom out surface to center of u joint on the 300zx yoke, 36mm on the 510 one.

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