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240sx suspension swap

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Hey guys! whats up?!


I have an opportunity to buy two 1200 coupe's for a really good deal/Great condition

so I recently got rear ended in my 95 240sx and

I was just wondering if I can swap parts over like:


full suspension.




ive searched the web and found nothing on this, other then the 280zx suspension swap/ka24e 


any advise helps.





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Post a build thread and let us know how it goes! 


Its funny you didn't ask about the engine. I think that would be easier then trying to swap the interior.. 

Some stuff will swap over but will need modification. 

My advice is rescue the 1200's!

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It will work fine if you want the wheels sticking out a foot on each side.

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Agreed with what Atom and Josh said, hypothetically you could swap over everything if you have enough fabrication skills, money, and dedication. The problem is that the 1200 is a really small car and very little will be straightforward about exchanging components with a 240sx. The reason you haven't read about many 1200/240sx combos is that the 1200 is a rare car, and thus parts for them are very hard to come by. If the goal is for a drift/race car, then you're probably on the right track by combining the 240sx suspension with the 1200 body, would have extensive body mods, but could be done. 



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thanks for the help! guys


I'm going to get the 1200s after thinking it over

one is a 71'

the other 72'


as for swapping parts over with suspension, I'm not sure yet(don't want to deal with major headaches)


ill try swapping the ka24de after a good build in one of them

and the other a 13b since I have a complete swap laying around


but as of now I'm just going to try and get the OG motors going


ill try starting a build thread once I get the hang of this site.


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