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New member: ‘79 standard cab, short bed

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Hi everyone. Recently purchased my first Datsun pickup. This is the first Japanese vehicle I’ve owned, coming from the E30 BMW world (still own one). 

Found a decent body ‘79 pickup, has a decent body and needs a little love. I have been working on getting things kind of back to regular, and luckily with this site along with a factory manual have been able to address a good number of things. 

Still have plenty of questions tho. 

Nice to have finally joined, and hopefully there are still active members on here! 



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Welcome to Ratsun. Sorry for the delay approving your membership but out forum was just updated and the place is a mess.

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All good! Took only a day! 


Happy to be here tho! 

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Welcome to the circus. Oh, and by the way, this place is always a mess.  Seems the maid quit and no one bothered to hire a replacement.

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Well the mail lost her key, or better yet the locks were changed.

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