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INSMNCS: will the real insomniacs please stand up?

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13 hours ago, tr8er said:

Outlawed?   Nah.  But society certainly has lost faith in people’s ability to regulate their behavior.  Greed prevails.  Put a straw in 100 hands, and ask them nicely to dispose of them appropriately, how many will end up littered?  So the powers that be focus on the source of the issue.  Supply.  Nip it in the bud they say.  


Ill ask you directly.  How many times have you recycled a CFL lightbulb, or a fluorescent bulb?  They are illegal to throw away and must be brought to a haz mat disposal/recycler to dispose of.  I do, 100%.  And I’ll share that I’ve never once seen the disposal center bin full.  Always a few in there max.  People do not take their resposibility seriously.  Never will.  So they tackle the problem on the supply end.  Only way they can.  Tell me I’m wrong.  


I take my bulbs to work where they are collected and disposed of properly. Along with any batteries that are non automotive.

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I smash mine up in the garbage can,,  so no damn commie bastard can somehow use it to bring down America . 






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February 6th 1965

First known picture of 2 mustangs leaving a fairgrounds. 




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He does guest appearances in some of his films just like Hitchcock did....

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