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INSMNCS: will the real insomniacs please stand up?

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8 hours ago, ratpatrol66 said:

Olympia and damn near every other town in Washington.  

I travel a lot between Salem Oregon and Phoenix Arizona with lots of couches between and let me tell you brother Its not just Washington.. Its an enablers paradise..The entire West coast is a dumpster fire. In California the blanket would have been new because he'd have walked out of a store with it, no consequences and used his old one as a toilet left behind for someone else to deal with/clean up. These motherfuckers need a hard reset but leadership/society as a whole is too soft to get it done. Too much bleeding heart not enough pride.


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54 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

This is what comes from handing out ribbons to kids when they loose.

I don't think any of these fucks every played any stick or ball sports other than whacking each other off? Grew up in the 70s, top 3 in little league baseball got trophies. In high school to letter in track you had to score points by winning events. One great time was running on 4X100 relay at Stanwood invite meet. We ran 44 seconds flat which was typical no matter the combo. I ran the third leg that race. Yeah yeah you can have fun with that one. We worked for it back then, kids these days get an award for just showing up know. Pathetic!!!

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9 hours ago, datzenmike said:

This is what comes from handing out ribbons to kids when they loose.

I remember when my high school buddies entered their 20s, got married and had kids. The kids started playing T ball. 

Um, OK, don’t pitch the ball to them, just set it on a post and let them swing.


After the games they handed trophies out to every kid. Didn’t matter if they won or lost, or if they even played.






You don’t play, and your team lost, and you get a trophy?


They rewarded failure.


That’s fucked up.

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Thank you Canadian soccer team. Could have given purple hair clit a swift kick to the head for good measures.  


thank U Canada.jpg

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Looks like she already stashed a couple of buckets down her pants. Shouldn't the counter person be required to refuse service? or at least issue a health warning? I mean (well up here anyway) all cigarette packaging has warnings and graphic pictures of patients suffering from the ravages of cancer. That would be smoker shaming, right?

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