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INSMNCS: will the real insomniacs please stand up?

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Probably should be in post asses BUT


just a heads up .. check out the scooter on the left front wheel “person” on the De-Silvestro car. 

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Stay tuned for All the Indy 500 race coverage you really need 

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On 4/24/2021 at 2:07 PM, bananahamuck said:

Craziest thing.. I’m watching Talladega coverage and there’s a dude that looks just like Ranman in grey T-shirt in background.. 


 doppelgänger 100%











OK,,, i got a guy that tapes every race and rewatches them... I flipped him a little cash and showed him a picture from Canby that was posted showing Ranman 




This is what he came up with 












Doesn't look as exact as i first said But remember this is just a split second of a 3+ hour rain delay coverage.. 








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         I bought it because they were dirt cheap at the time,figuring that

if I ever sold it,I'd at least be able to get my money back out of it.

         They're also the near perfect autocross/hillclimb/track day car -

utterly reliable & competitive.I fought these for years,but finally admitted


           Definitely not an ego building car.

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9 hours ago, a.d._510_n_ok said:






Now I need to get a Land Rover so I can make frosty margaritas on the bumper, after driving countless miles in the wilderness.

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