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INSMNCS: will the real insomniacs please stand up?

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Wonder if she could help with my arthritis...…….


My joint seems a little stiff after seeing that pic

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^^This times 2


We were way too poor to afford a mongoose. Had to put my own bike together, could have been a Huffy but that was a long long time ago.

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Mine must have not been that bad, someone stole it off the front porch, thus ending my BMX days. At least I still had (and still have) my Banzai skate board.

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50 minutes ago, hobospyder said:

I had huffy growing up, single speed and mountain bike. Never understood why they were so bad but got made fun of for it at one point. Didn't give a shit then, still dont now. 

I also got a lot of crap for my Huffy.I had the Rough & Tough model.

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2 hours ago, Jesse C. said:

I still have my Diamond Back and my Schwinn Scrambler frame. Too bad I am too damn big to ride them now! 😂





Nice historic pieces to be honest,able to ride or not.



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My first two wheeler was made by BSA. Hand brakes and twist shift 3 speeds. There wasn't another bike like it in all my town.... they were all CCM coaster brake bikes and I could beat every one in a race because of the 3 speeds. 

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17 hours ago, VFR800 said:



Little Stevens? J.C. Higgins? .22 on the left, Japanese Arisaka with correct bayonet on the right. On the wall is a Nazi Luftwaffe dagger (left) as well as the Arisaka bayo scabbard and leather frog. Shoes look like Converse Jack Purcells with enough wear that the front black stripes worn off.

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On 10/4/2019 at 3:10 AM, VFR800 said:





Damn, that takes me back.  I grew up in apartments.  I was the dumping ground for everyones old bikes or when they moved.  Never had a mongoose, but did score a nice diamond back frame once.  Only really nice bike I bought was a 94 Dyno air gt.  Was lucky as shit to get it, we were broke ass at the time.  I was reading the IWANTA (weekly classified paper for selling stuff, old school craigslist or bookface market place) and saw a wanted ad for a 50cc four wheeler.  I had one when I was 5 and obviously was to big for it.  Ended up selling it to the guy for more than my dad paid for it new back in 85.   So my brother and me got new bikes for xmus.


Not a pic of mine, but it is still in my dads warehouse at his place.  I have been thinking about going and getting it and riding to get unfat.



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