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GROSS POLLUTER - Failed Cali Smog test

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"Try for one in the high 90s for the primary. Secondary can be much richer as it's for full throttle use.  (Mike I have a #104 now in the secondary now.  I very seldom go full throttle.) 


My 710 came with a 99 jet and while it ran very well, this was really for higher altitude where the air is thinner. Indeed the car is from Nevada average elevation over 5,000 feet. I got a 112 jet from a local L20B (sea level) and performance was actually increased! As Q-tip said.... more air needs more gas and with more power you can run it with less throttle. On holidays this summer I averaged 30 MPG US. Even got a tank @ 35."________________________________________________________________________________


The smallest main jet is a #108 and the largest secondary jet is a #43.  I'm wondering if after the passage of decades of use on a Hitachi carb if the jet's hole becomes larger?  The brand new #108 looks smaller than the used #102.


OK, so my plan is to use the #102 in the primary and #43 as the secondary.  If I get better gas mileage I would like that.  We will see.  I also plan to lean down the carb one setting.

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1 hour ago, Nicholas7620 said:



The #108 ... I received from jetsrus.com appears smaller than the #102 I received from NCI.  It's hard to tell.  I'm thinking of using the #102 and #43 for the primary jet and secondary jet, respectively.



The secondary flows more air so is almost always about 50% larger than the primary.  #43 for a secondary is unlikely to work as it's only 1/3 what it should be. I would expect it will bog badly when you get up to speed and open the secondary.


See if you can get something below 100 for the primary jet.


If brave enough, fill bottom of jet with solder and drill out to size. I believe the #100 Hitachi jet is 1.00 mm in diameter. A 0.040" drill is close enough to 1 mm. You may even have to go lower.  I don't know what the B-210 A14 engine carb has for jet sizes, does anyone here?


Have a look through this for engine size, year  and carb then look up the jet sizes in the list.... http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Carburetor_Specifications

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