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L-20-B exhaust manifold to downpipe leak


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This is the exhaust manifold and down pipe connection on a L-20-B I recently put in a 521.  It is leaking.  If you take a hose, hold one end of the hose to your ear, and the other end of the hose where you suspect an exhaust leak, you can hear exactly where the leak is.  The leak is between the bottom surface of the exhaust manifold, and above the flange that holds the down pipe to the manifold.  Is there a gasket or some other sealer used at this connection?

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The one I saw had a rounded doughnut shape on the end of the pipe. The manifold looks like a valve seat with slanted surface. This allows the pipe to be swiveled around  and set in place before tightening the bolts. No gasket needed.

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Tightening up nuts will likely break a stud off. Pull it apart wire wheel pipe and collector. Replace the hardware too. Make sure flange/ring isnt warped or bent,otherwise may not clamp right

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