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13th ANNUAL NOVEMBER 10th, 2019. DATSUN NIPPON CAR SWAPMEET -Eagle Rock recreational center parking lot

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5 hours ago, BLUEBIRDSSS said:

I want to thank once again everyone for showing up to the Eagle Rock swapmeet this past Sunday. It was a perfect day!  I couldn’t do it without you guys. Thank you very much. Shout out also to the ones who made the long trip. Ted and his crew from Washington, of course the crazy one James Johnson, Julian with the 720 parts, Hector with the Datsun emblems, Ross from Garage Boso and his crew from Arizona, Datsun Rod and his awesome crew we go way back.  Angela the Datsun lady. The guy with the awesome truck from Santa Cruz  that had the tent on the side sorry I forgot your name. Jeff and his pops, Nelson and his son. crazy Brad with the steel braided hoses. Art Brown and his buddy Mike from apple valley. Juan from Little Rock, Juan from Moreno Valley. Erick and his beautiful Sunny truck from Erick’s Racing   San Bernardino people , Andy and his buddy with the oddysey van,  Bigtanker! The Blue Eye White Devil and his buddy  and San Diego guys. And the rest I forgot to mention. We will see you guys next year hopefully in mid March.  Please be good humans!!

We love you and get that dam wagon done son. lol

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i don't usually thank anyone BUT 


Thanks to Hosenose for the beer for the wife ( she digs it)  and showing us around Whittier and all his cool stuff . Datrod and Tanker for bringing me a couple Inland empire shirts Rivdat620 so kindly let me have.. Ole John for the heated discussion,, and Hey Hugh for helping send us in right direction to ship from Mexico..  . And most of all Bluebirdsss for getting this thing together despite the trouble he has to go thru to host it...   


and this character even though i only stopped by for a second,,  for making me laugh ,,,, move up north where you don't have to chew the air.


























Saturday Afternoon 




Sunday Morning 









A few  from under the over pass 












If i remember right,,,, the guy said it had 400k miles ,, pretty damn clean interior .. repainted before he bought 













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bananahamuck:  thanks for the pix, love the blue 620 with the double cab and external bedsides. i so wanted to go. maybe in march the 620 will be there

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