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QA1 front strut and spring setup

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Hi I’m new to the community and I have just picked up my first 411 that I plan on making a track car and I have been trying to figure out suspension with out blowing my pig bank apart. So I talked to the guys over at QA1 about finding a strut and spring setup for stock 67 411 suspension. They got back to me with a list of part numbers that they say should work given the measurements provided but told me nothing was for sure but it was there best guess sense they only provide suspension for domestic cars. For anyone still interested here are the part numbers:

GS401 (GM shock)

8MB375 (Mustang 2 spring)

T115W ( Spanner wrench)

7888-109 ( thrust bearing kit)


I’m gonna be placing my order this weekend and will report back with updates when I receive the parts.

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The 411 uses standard shock absorbers, not McPherson struts !  Going by your description of "finding a strut" .

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GS401   --    $421.90 Ea !!!!!!!!


Holy Crap!

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Must be one of those electric shocks with variable firmness.

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