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Funtana Comes to the NW


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7 hours ago, Draker said:

Did you attempt the tube method? I struggled with bleeding my 510 for a while until I did this. You can literally just keep pumping and pumping. No need to close the bleeder valve every time. Set the bleeder so it's tight enough not to leak around the threads, but open enough to still pass fluid. Sometimes it's a difficult balance.. but I've been doing all my cars this way. 

 I did get a vacuum setup but way to much air was getting through the threads. Even the brand new calipers. So it was done the the two person technique.


6 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Bleeding brakes is one of those situations where it's nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Gravity bleeding, pressure bleeding, two person bleeding, vacuum bleeding. These are all different tools in the tool box.


Question - are your drum brakes adjusted properly? If not, you may never get them bled properly.


This was on my list to try next( probably should of done this first)


Was looking at what the proportional valve actually does.  Read on ratsun about how to go about adjusting it, but seemed to be wrong. Why would you want to build pressure for back brakes Instead on front backs. Especially when backs are already locking up before fronts.  May have to re read some of this stuff

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EI match box Hooked up. using points coil for now.  Used wire from another wire harness to keep it stockish looking

And it looks like I still need to re link my pictures




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5 hours ago, wayno said:

I can see your photos.

You really should use an EI coil, they are everywhere, I believe any 1978+ Datsun/Nissan coil will work.

Im missing all my photos and the first few pages. The ones you can see are posted by other forum members

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Farmer:   dang that thing looks good, i wish i had bought it when it was for sale but i didn't know of all the work that it needed when you bought it, i am glad that it went to you

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