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Funtana Comes to the NW


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1 hour ago, Ben_upde said:

Just picked these up for my ‘79 KC 620. 15x7 up front and 15x10 rears. 

What size tire do you have on the back? Hows the fitment? Does it look like anything had to be clearenced to fit?

295 50 15


Nothing to clear but it will stick out pretty far.  

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Well, found out a few more things about this truck on the way to Blue Lake Datsun Show. It can do 75 mph with no problem, need to upgrade front brakes,  need an overflow bottle for radiator and replace 19 yr old rear tires cause they developed a flat spots. 60 to 65 was terrible.


But I did get these there




And this



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Just saw this.  When I saw Funtana it was still a complete truck. Sounds like the fate of all Steroids trucks. Bought lots of 5 slots from the daughter & son. Why would you have 3 in a set ?

Sorry to hear you had such a problem in Bullhead. Wish i'd known, I could have given you a hand. About 40 miles up the hill in Kingman.


Chopper Jim

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1 hour ago, Charlie69 said:

Farmer what diameter is your brake booster? I have a small one approximately 4".


FYI - Been trying to buy a 4 inch booster since talking to Seeker at the JCCS and seeing one his friend's truck. It is basically unobtainium. Every order I place gets canceled - with multiple suppliers.


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