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Datsun p411 rear differential swap

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Hi I’m learning more about the rear differential, but I wanted some info regarding doing a swap to it. What would you guys recommend, reason why I want to upgrade my differential is cause I’m doing a r16 striker swap. Would need one that could take the power/ acceleration and so forth. I read a 200sx differential would fit in but not sure if it would take the abuse ha, but idk. If anyone could give me advice or recommendation that would really help. Thanks for taking time and reading this.

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If you are swapping a type R 1600 engine into your sedan, the RL411 rear axle assembly would be ideal.  You are aware that the R engine exhaust has to be routed through the Left hand driver's inner fender liner aren't you ? And the fuel feed is on the passenger side .  And you would really need a front wheel disc brake conversion, the R engine would totally overwhelm the PL411 front drum brakes.

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Yeah I’m aware with all of that and already did the front disk conversion. I’m just trying to do a rear differential performance swap for the stroker engine. Thanks for the advice

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