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Willem Brandsma

Are Torque Thrust rims good for track days?

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Hello there! I was wondering if American Racing Torque Thrust rims would make a good option for track rims.the reason

for this is I heard from this link ---> https://interestingengineering.com/wish-list-top-10-car-wheels-want-buyand this

link --->https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Racingthat the shape of them makes it so that they help cool your brakes. 

If they actually do this that might be a HUGE advantage on the track or street. But, they were made with drag racing in

mind. So whether or not they can sustain the sideways forces of the track is a mystery to me along with whether or not

the claims of brake cooling are true. 


Thanks - Willem

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Side force isn't a proble4m, the Cheetah (early Can-Am) used them. 




Not buying that they cool brakes any better than a Libra, RS-8, or any other spoke wheel.

Best brake cooling comes from ducting cool air to the back side where 95% of brake disks take air into their cooling veins.

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Sure, to a certain extent. I wouldn't track on them simply because of their weight. Also, the current Torque Thrust wheels are different in production from the original wheels the Can-Am cars used.


Datsun's aren't heavy, I wouldn't expect that you're going to be side loading just about any wheel hard enough that you'll break it unless you're in a powerful car with slicks.


What size wheels are you running?

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Torque thrusts belong on ponycars in my book. I’d say the cooling claim is bullshit too. The final word on the subject is you, if you like them then buy them.

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5 lug hubs? I don't see these being made for 4 lug hubs, could be wrong though.

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Years ago I seen 4-lug, 4-spoke versions.

But that was 40+ years ago.

I don't think they are made any longer.

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