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Datsun 620 Galavan New member introduction.


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Hello, happy to be here on Ratsun. I just wanted to show my new project. I have already used this forum many times and I thought I may as well join.


My father drove a built 510 2 door when I was a kid. He told me how Nissan had design licensing from Mercedes-Benz to use on the L20 engines. Even from todays standards they are still a great engine. I had a 620 in high school that I abused terribly for years and sold it still running good! My son is 20 years old now and lives in Utah. He just sold his KA swapped 510. Datsun cars and trucks have been in my life for a long time. Now I am older and single I was looking for a Chinook camper to take on bicycle touring trips. I ran across this on eBay bought it and now am working on sorting her out. I named her Gypsy.

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Well, I have been chipping away at this project and thought I would post some update photos. I have used this site many times to help me move forward with questions as they arise. I really appreciate the documentation some members have posted. 

 She purrs like a kitten. I live in Austin in an apartment. My Datsun was impounded. I bailed her out and moved her to a friend's house in San Antonio, about 80 miles away. This is what I do on my days off and a year later she lives. I am currently painting her but as you can tell I am learning on the way. Now that it is at a more interesting stage I will update more often. 

 I am posting some pics of some 620 trucks I found at an old junkyard in Seguin, Texas. Thank you for looking and sharing!

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6 hours ago, daretzcouple said:

Ya should have grabbed those tow mirrors on the Golden one in the last pic and that grill. Some people love those mirrors for some reason

 You should see this place. There were so many amazing cars there. As you can probably guess there were many more vintage Toyotas there than Datsuns.

   The guy who owns it is in his 80's or 90's. Junkyard are no longer allowed in that area but he is grandfathered in until he passes away. I was lucky enough to get a windshield wiper cowl and the plastic dashboard insert around the gauges and radio insert. I was there looking for a hood and possibly a Hitachi D4K distributor. His pricing is all over the place but leans on the high side. He has lots of classic American cars that are very rare/ valuable. I was happy to give him a $100 bill for both of my items. That place has acres of cars and I found Datsuns scattered all over the place. He has school busses full of parts and I did find a few D6K's in the dizzy bus. Makes me want to go back and look again.

  I reluctantly installed a Hot Spark distributor but just holding it in my hand I could tell the quality was low. 



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