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Bushwhacked - bushings everywhere !


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On 6/1/2018 at 9:05 PM, DrvnDrvr said:


These came in today and they were the correct size - thanks. I like everything but the collar , it looked like cheap metal . Doesn’t look like it will hold up so I’m thinking about ordering the Nissan collar and use the rest of the kit

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On 5/27/2018 at 10:10 AM, DrvnDrvr said:

No, been a while but I'm pretty sure the cupped washers came with the bushinss. Got them from rockauto.


So looking at my new bushings and the truck frame I realize the size of the hole is much bigger then the bushing. 

I don’t see how you could have used one of the supplied washers unless you enlarged the hole to accommodate the bushing collar. I am actually surprised of the size of the hole in the frame . It seems like a lot of slop for the bushing collar to flop around and cause wear on the frame hole. I know my hole is elongated from wear , but there is still a lot of slop. 

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Sorry for the slow response, took me a while to track down the guy that fixed this for me. You are correct. He enlarged the holes in the cupped washers and welded them to the frame and used flat washers to tighten the bushings to them.


401A04.jpgfrom  https://parts.nissanusa.com/nissanparts/index.cfm?action=replacement&groupid=G&sectionid=401&jointvehid=18144&siteid=14






from Haynes 720 repair manual. This shows the sleeve not going through the cupped washers. Looks like there is some sort of washer between the bushing and frame. Doesn't show that part in the parts diagram. That part was completely rusted away on my truck and replaced and welded in place by modified cupped washers from the Rockauto kit. He then used flat washers on the outside next to the nut and lower control arm to tighten the bushings.

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Butting in on Bushing Banter...

   So just weld  the washer towards front of vehicle cupped out? Neat...

   And also, I have pressed my upper control arm bushings out and they  are still connected to the bar that bolts to frame.

How does one remove the inner sleeve from said bar??? 

   I have cutting tools and a press

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Some more bushing drama. So I’m fitting the lower control arm and having trouble lining up the tension rod . I replaced the front control bushing with an OEM type rubber/ steel sleeved . I can get one bolt in the tension rod , but not the other . Maybe with enough force I can make it to go , but wondered if that’s normal or am I doing this wrong. The control arm assembly would need to turn clockwise for the last bolt to line up on the tension rod. I could rig a come- along to pull it backwards to get it to rotate enough to line up. Not sure a better way to get it to line up unless I do the tension rod first ? 


On to differential crossmember bushing. NLA. So the front shackle bushing are the same diameter as the diff bushings(poly). Bolt size is different . The shackle bushings have smaller diameter bolt though. So tension rod collars are the right length and correct for the crossmember bolts. So that leaves me with just drilling out poly bushings and maybe shaving off very little on length. It’s the best I could come up with without just looking for another crossmember 



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Cab mount bushings are here . Someone done this before ? These are the front bushings . Curious of the bottom bushings that has a kind of square hole on one side and round on another . I’m assuming the larger hole goes up and someone locks in with the top bushing ? 














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