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RaceTEP L20B 620 Header (pics)

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I used 240sx down pipes. Had to narrow the ends to 1.5" to fit the L16 manifold. Used a Mike Klotz exhaust flange leaving the sx pipes sticking up so they fit up inside the manifold.

The 240sx and the L series use a similar transmission so the bends are all in the right places. From exhaust valve to where the two pipes join is over 30" so it's half way a long tube header.

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I think I am going to order one of those 240sx pipr to header gaskets.  Superficially looks like an RL411 NLA gasket to me.  I have been cutting and patching 2 each 510 gaskets as a substitute.

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The flange on the 240sx pipes that I mentioned was slightly larger than the MKlotz flange for the L16. It would not bolt up to the L16 manifold. The pipes are slightly wider apart also. The gear clamp in the top picture was to pull them together. I had to grind the holes in the L 16 flange larger for the KA pipes. 

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i had one of these too, had to belt sand the fuck out of it to get it flat. the port match is terrible. fix those two things and its half okay.

I ran it for a couple years then got my hands on a nissan comp header. The car picked up a bunch of top end power.

that green gasket material is the bomb though, if anyone knows where to get a big blank chunk of that stuff let me know.

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