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620 king pin discs pls


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have you checked on ebay?


He's not the only disc setup for kingpins.  If you want to run stock 14" steel rims, mine is the only option.  If you're running 15's or bigger, his setup is a lot cheaper and easier.  There's another setup out there that is basically the same as bee's, but has an aluminum bracket.  Not 100% it's still around.

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I just sent a message. I checked ebay and a few different posts on ratsun about them but haven't gotten much info on ordering. I run 16"s and his write up is so straight forward a monkey could do it. Fairly cheap too. Idk maybe they'll fall in my lap.

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I can swear by Mike's brackets as I had a set of the first gen steal bracket kit. With Mike's kit you get what you pay for, quality parts that fit. I just wish Mike would design a rear disk brake setup so I could get quality and fit in one purchase! This would be worth getting a job for!!! LOL

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LOL!!  I hear ya Charlie!  I've been hearing you for what......7-8 years now about making a rear setup...?  LOL  You have the patience of Job. :)   I have a 620 diff sitting right outside my back door.  I've visited the idea more than a few times and getting a setup to fit stock 14" rims is going to be brutal......and it might be impossible to do with a nissan caliper.  I may have to use a wilwood.  Wilwood seems to be about the cheapest aftermarket manufacture these days.  Doing it with a brake line lock would make it a lot easier, but not very desirable.  Fitting stock cables to WW calipers may not work either.  Anyway.....it's on the list still, just not high enough yet.

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I have been looking at the Maxima rear calipers and I know I can get custom brake cables made how ever I need them.  Thinking of using Rodeo/ Passport rotors and turning the out side Dimension of the rotor down to fit the caliper.  Or see if the Maxima rotor will fit the axle on my 520 and if it will see about having the rotors drilled out to 6 lug.  Not sure if the Maxima rotors can be drilled to 6 lug.  the 240 SX also has cable operated e brake rear calipers.  Once it is done once duplicating for production will be easier.  LOL


Mike if I have to design them and build them myself I will and then I will give you the information so you can put the Blue Hands Touch on it (make them cleaner and safer).


November I will have been a Ratsun member for ten years.


Mike, you, Wayno, and Datzenmike are the reason I joined Ratsun and It has been an enjoyable ride.  I am surprised that with my attitude I am still blessed with being a member!!!  LOL


 I have learned a lot about Datsun's on Ratsun but as I get older I think I am forgetting more than I am learning.


I guess this statement pretty much describes life:


"You come into this world wearing diapers and you go out of this world wearing diapers." 

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They sound like possible options.  I think I'll send you a pm once I post this.


Kicked out for your attitude???  Please!! LOL  You've got one of the best attitudes on here.........but then again, I view very few posts on ratsun anymore.  Maybe you're a wild child on some other threads. ;)


That's actually my goal at work......to forget as much as I can.  Having knowledge and abilities around here just gets you more work....not more pay......so I figure the more of this place I dump from my memory banks, the more info I can maintain about machining......or at least something I like. :)

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