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Speedometer pinion assembly


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Well my reason for aftermarket gauges was more bout being able to them at night. Gps speedo just took out all the guess work. 521's with zx trans in them dont have much room to connect the cable it. Cable worn out every couple yrs.

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I well say,using turn by turn gps just makes u stupid. I use google maps,just i did with paper ones. This way helps u learn the area ur in. My wife uses turn by turn and makes wrong turns. She cant go anywhere out of town without,even places she has been several times

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I’m a road cyclist, so I plan routes in my head. I don’t believe turn by turn makes you stupid, it just gets you going in the right general direction.


That said, our IT guy did drive into a pond. For real.

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Cars today are BORING!!!! Besides being advertised as practically impossible to have an accident in. They remove the driver from the equation and he is almost a passenger. Too many distractions on the dashboard overload the texting 'driver'. Driving and navigation skills atrophy on older drivers and younger one never had to learn them. I pick my teeth at drivers that can't drive a standard. My wife's car has a back up camera in the rear view mirror... I never use it, preferring to turn and check and be sure. I almost always roll the window down at stops to hear the traffic better. 99.9% of the time you know where you are going locally anyway, after all it's your neighborhood. If out of town what's wrong with having some idea of where you are going? Some idea of it's layout? Then it becomes your expanded neighborhood in your memory. Going somewhere used to be an adventure. Getting there was often better than arriving.


So now on to Datsuns. Don't we like the simplicity? What I like to call fix-ability? The certain meshing of man and machine as one? The old way, the way it used to be? You direct your progress not the GPS in the dash? You select the gear needed, you watch the road for dangers, you listen to the car 'talking' to you. There is satisfaction in knowing that with a piece of wire or string, a quarter a screw driver and a pen knife you can probably fix anything that goes wrong with it and if not you will know what needs fixing. So fuck GPS and why haven't you fixed your speedometer? It's mechanical not electronic. What's stopping you? 


My 710 had the same 4 speed as the 521 with the speedometer drive on the left side. I put a zx long 5 speed trans in and re routed the 'short' 710 cable over the top of the transmission to the far rear right side. Fits perfectly. Been fine for 7-8 years.  

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I agree with you mostly Mike. As someone who drives for a living I use as many tools as I can to do it as safely as possible. Tools are things that assist me in getting my job done. I can never blame a tool for failure to get my job done. I am responsible for all my actions.


Driving aides are are just that, aides. An aid or tool can easily become a crutch.I do my best not to let a tool become a crutch.


I use GPS, smartish phones, Thomas maps, a well placed phone call, all five senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, in the course of my driving.


Hypothetical case in point:

Driver to Judge:"My GPS said the speed limit was 45mph."

Judge to Driver: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:. Imposes MAXIMUM FINE.


PM me on the taste thing, this IS a family friendly website.


I do agree with you wholeheartedly that smarter cars make for dumber drivers.




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On 6/12/2018 at 2:11 PM, Crashtd420 said:





They have a metric adaptor... they get $120 for it...


Just a quick update.... haven't bought it yet but I confirmed today that this will work on the datsuns.... its m22x1.5 


Just need to do a ten mile test....

Basically they want you to use the mile markers on the highway...

The idea is record your mileage, drive ten miles, record your mileage again, tell them the mileage difference and they make the adapter to suit.....  

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