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SR20DET install kit

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A buddy is working on a SR swap in his 260z.  He's not sure which fitting kit to order.  I'm only seeing 3 of them.  


1. CXracing (yuck!)

2. McKinney motorsports

3. DR Concept 



Do you guys know of any others?  I'm going to do some more searching tonight.  

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2. McKinney motorsports


It's gonna come in an ugly color...   :rofl:



My daily has a VVL turbo in it and it's really got me rethinking my plan to V8-swap my S30 and maybe go with an SR instead.


So please post your results.  :thumbup:

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My brother and I went with McKinney on our z’s. Very pleased with the fit and quality.


Any install pics?

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