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83 200sx

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Okay guys. So my 200sx has a problem..

It starts right up and it will idle and rev for about 1 minute tops. ( the Reeves are really ruff and spuddery) Then it dies and won't start for about a half hour.

I've checked all fuses.

One thing I noticed was the ECU has a green light on it that will flash one time then the light turns off. There is no check ingine light on either.

Also I've replaced all bad vacuum lines..

Anyone have info on what could be wrong with it??

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Well next time it quits find out which of these two things is missing... spark or fuel.


Pull one plug wire off (try the intake side first) and put an old plug in the end and lay on a grounded surface. Turn engine over with the starter and look for spark. Now try the exhaust side. Got spark???


Turn key on you should hear the electrical fuel pump come on. If YES... you can pull the electrical lead off one of the injectors and use a 12 volt test lamp and look for injector pulses while turning the engine over with the starter.



This may narrow the problem down

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It's almost impossible for both coils to fail at the same time. However the distributor does have a module that runs both and it may be a problem. Or the ignition relay that tells it to run is faulty. EFI cars are always much more complex.


I would make a jumper wire and connect 12 volts positive to the + positive terminal of the intake coil. (carefully)This should power the module regardless of the ignition switch or relay. If the engine runs then it's the relay, if it won't run... then the module. Keep in mind that if the engine runs you can't shut it off with the key and this jumper wire is not fused so it it touches ground it could catch fire.

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