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510 parking brake cables?


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Not the same part numbers but I bet the 610 (also has almost identical IRS) would work.





Maxima are all very similar looking and all IRS. Longer will work, shorter won't. Just like a bicycle hand brake cable.

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Hello and thanks for looking.

i need a new or even good used hand brake cable for my 620 kc.  Not the twin cables that go to the brake, but the cable running from the brake handle to the equalizer.  The equalizer fitting on the cable end is the critical feature I need to match up.  

Are there any other cable brands that will work with the equalizer?  Or cable ends that I could have staged on another ebrake cable?


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I tried a couple custom motorcycle shops....they just kept getting hung up on the idea that it wasn’t for a motorcycle.

the cable shop (above) looks promising.  If not, I am getting a better and better picture of how to make a workable cable myself.  Mainly need the swaged end pieces ....and a sewage press($).  


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I use bicycle and motorcycle cables for my throttle cable and my hood latch. The issue is you'd need some kind of housing along with it, and it needs to be long enough to wrap forward and then back by the transmission (almost 7 feet, i think?). You'd have better luck buying a parking cable or brake from another car and ripping the cable out and making it work for you. 

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