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Steering is stiff.


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So my steering on my 74 620 has gotten really stiff. To the point of I can barely steer now.

Have lubed the joints and king pins. Steering box has gear oil. Just looking for some advice directions ..I am at a loss .thanks for help..

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King pins. Even if greased, it's not positive the grease gets where it's needed.


The king pin works exactly like a door hinge, it can turn but no other movement. Raise the front end to take the load off the pins wiggle the tire holding the top and bottom and look for movement in the pin other than turning. If in and out, not good. Pry upward with a 2x4 there should be no up/down movement of the pin joint. 


You could try heating the king pin with a torch and try adding grease. Heat will thin the grease and make it flow into tight spaces.

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I've had a king pin truck before (and will never have one again) I'm assuming it acts this way.... there is no back and forth with the steering wheel adding slight corrections to the steering as you drive along. Instead the truck travels in a straight line but eventually you have to correct the steering. You pull it stiffly into line and it goes straight till the next correction. Each correction is an effort when it shouldn't be.

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