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15x8 0 Offset Watanabe

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Hello, I was blessed to get my dad's old 71 240z and I have a clearance question pertaining to Wats'.  I have 4 15x8 +0 offsets all around Watanabe Type RS rims and wanted to have them put on the s30.  Will they have any issues with stock suspension as I don't have the funds to convert to coilovers (yet).  If yes, what are my options of making them fit.  

- Tire size

- Spacers

- Spring conversions?


Appreciate the help!



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That's way too sensible. There is also some wiggle room is selecting a proper tire width in the correct diameter so the speedometer stays accurate. You want the tire to be inside the fender lip. Remember... the tire and wheel must fit the car, not the car made to fit the wheel.

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thanks for the help all! problem is my watanabe's are still being shipped, so i won't know till they arrive, i just wanted to see if i should plan ahead to replace my struts for coilovers for clearance or not. 

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The 15x7 +12 fits on an S30 Z car. They clear the suspension just fine.


The inner edge of a 15x8 +0 will sit at about the same position as the 15x7 +12 inboard lip does. IE you shouldn't have any issues at the suspension with your 15x8 +0 wheels.


The traditional "best fit" on an S30 Z car is a 15x7 +0 wheel. 


The outer lip on the 15x8 +0 will be outboard of the "best fit" wheel by roughly 1/2". This, depending on the tire cross section and may create a some fender rub. My guess is you would not want to use over a 215 section width tire. And be prepared to roll the fender edge if needed.


Enjoy your new mail order bride(s). 

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Thanks!  Fitment was fine, tried them on this morning with 205/50R/15 tires.  Car sits a little higher on stock suspensions, I guess my follow-up question would be if anyone has any experience between shortened springs vs coilovers?  I'd like to drop the car about an inch to inch and a half.  The space in front seems larger than my back wheel.

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