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I used to have a 2006 revup, 6MT. Never had oil consumption problems and I bought it at 3000 miles. Back when the 350Z was nearly new, other owners were telling me that if it didn't start consuming oil by 10,000 miles then it never would. Not all engines had that problem. By now all the cars are older and most have over 100,000 miles on them.


The laws in the US on advertising horsepower changed in 2007+. They got more strict. Even though the advertised HP increase between 2006 and 2007 was only 6hp, the actual wheel horsepower increase was around 25-30whp. The VQ35HR is really a step up in power.



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Good thread I see these things around and love the 370



Funny how some people ignore certain facts like piston blow by, guess it helps for calculation and debate.. but i know there's some slop in the tolerances , liked nissan for that reason early on..



So the '07 eating up a 300zxTT?


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