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Removing the body and bed, '67 520


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Hey all, first off, great forum you have here. 


I recently purchased a 1967 520, and am currently debating taking the cab and bed off. I have searched a little bit, and am still looking for a writeup on how to do so. 

Any help at all is appreciated. 



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What do you want to know?

Unless you have the proper tools or 4 weight lifter friends it's not going to be easy, I have lifted the bodies off the frame several different ways, the easiest way for me was using air jacks on both sides like in the photos below.





I also have lifted the body off the frames using a engine lift thru the door and an air jack in the front, the air jack can be replaced by a guy with muscles, but after in the air one has to  set the body on jacks with 4X4s going across so you can roll the frame out from under the body.


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DSCN4320.jpgI got this set-up last fall when I was pulling a cab off of a 1948 Chevy truck I had picked up...something like what Wayno has or something like this would be an awesome asset to have if you want to pull a cab off of a chassis...I pulled a 54 GMC cab once and set it on S10 chassis with a cheapo cherry picker from Harbor Freight (I took the doors off and put the arm inside the cab to make it work)...good luck with your project and post more pics as you go along...

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I call that a gantry crane above, the problem with them is most will just put a strap thru the cab and lift it up, but that way tends to bend the drip rails/gutters on both sides of the cab above the doors if not bending the top of the cab in general.

Like Mike a couple posts above I used to use a cherry picker thru the door opening, but the cab is hard to balance this way and the front of the cab needs to be lifted at the same time, I put a 4 foot long 4X4 in the tunnel, wrapped a chain around it and lifted the cab thru the shifter hole, now I lift them with the air jacks like in my photos of my last post, it's way easier for me to do by myself.


You will need to remove the steering gear/box and column before removing the cab, this means you will need to remove everything from the Pitman Arm and column in the cab, do not lose any pieces, also the clutch/brake lines need to be disconnected at the frame connections, remove the shift lever, e-brake cable from the lever inside the cab, disconnect the wiring from the engine, remove the radiator and cab(6)/box(8) mount bolts, there is likely something I have forgotten, I generally lift it slowly and disconnect anything I have forgotten before breaking it.

Do not cut anything unless you have replacements.

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Welp, all 4 cab corners are rotted, and all the lines running under it are super rusty. I figure pull the cab, do the floors proper, take care of any major stuff under it, and go from there. I'd post pics, but they're all on Facebook and instagram. 


I picked up the truck for 400$ and it had been sitting sunk into the ground for 2 or so years. I got it to run, so now its a matter of making it stop and not be rotted. Haha

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