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What the hell and where the heck????


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Any one have any ideas??? 


These were part of the pile of spares that came with my 69 SRL.
I recognize the Y hose but can't put my finger on it's use . The lower shield is beyond me.
Thought you guys could help out..... Thanks.
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There appears to be an elbow shaped hose, perhaps for draining the plenum beneath the louvered cowl right side, where the wiper linkages are.


The other may deflect water droplets from entering the air inlet to the heater assy?

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As you can see the top piece connects to the top of the heater box, therefore if one just looks up there you might not even be able to tell anything even belongs there, you will likely have to feel up there for the hole in the heater box.




These are photos of my 1967 Datsun Roadster heater box piping, your part looks very different than mine, your tubes going to the sides are longer, it may connect differently also, I do not recall seeing that other piece in my 67, but I have not had mine apart since the 90s other than when I put the fresh U20 in it maybe 10 years ago.

That second piece if I were to guess, if it is made of sheet metal I would guess some sort of heat shielding for the header, maybe to protect the motor mount. 

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It's plastic but covered with undercoating and road grime. Weird. Your correct on the first part. Its a spare defroster duct. Thanks for all the help guys.

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