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1969 roadster a true barn find.


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Today I finally got the rag top finished. Looks like we may need it. Canby promises to be a wet weekend.....


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Very cool Roadster!... Those mirrors arent the correct ones, so you might as well replace them. Did they shave the side trim holes? 


Can you take some pics of how they got the tonneau cover around the roll bar? Im about to pick up a tonneau cover and have a roll bar. I have some ideas, but if I can see how they did it, it would help. 


Thanks! Not a bad start!

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The tonneau was sewn up 20 or 30 years ago by ???????? The fit is pretty good though. It has overlapping Velcro slits where it fits around the bars.

Next time I have it on the car I will take pics of what was done.

All of the trim and emblem holes were filled many years ago and yes the mirrors are wrong for this car . I hate the look but after driving the car as much as I have this summer. I understand why the PO used them. They work very well.

If I keep the car. I will address the mirrors when doing the pre paint prep and body work. Holes in doors will need filling and fender holes cut.

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