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My folks have lived in their home since '59. The yard is well groomed and everything has its place. What they have on the surface seems modest, but when you start digging around in the garage, shed, basement, attic and storage room there is a huge amount of stuff. 


I'm no better, just far less organized.


What I will say is we both have extremely understanding wives.

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What I will say is we both have extremely understanding wives.


No kidding.  We were married on June 25th, 1994.  We have celebrated every 25th since.  Not just every June 25th, but every 25th.  We call it our "monthaversarary".  Well, we were all set to go out to dinner a couple nights ago and I got a text about noon from a guy that was moving and needed to get rid of some of his Datsun parts so Brenda and I drove down to Seattle to fill up the back of the 620 with 510 parts.  We still made it to dinner too but...  She's pretty awesome.

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Finally go the wagon moved back to it's final parking spot and cleaned up.  Poor thing.  It's pretty trashed.  : (




I was hopeful that the front clip might be good for Granny but the brake fluid took the paint off of the left frame rail and shock tower and the tower has subsequently rusted thru...




Might still be workable.  Will know more when I get the fenders off.








So much stuff inside.  I'm afraid it is all trash.  Seats, door panels, etc are ripped and rotten.  Driveline and other mechanical components are all super rusty.






Hood is really straight but completely rusted out up front.






I started stripping the front end.  Got the wiring out, headlight buckets, trim, etc.  EVERY bolt needed to be drilled out so the process is slow.  Didn't quite get the fenders off.   Found I can't open the passengers door - that will make the fender removal a little tough. 



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They almost look presentable from this angle...




I wonder what they looked like 35 years ago when they were purchased and parked.  Probably pretty darn nice!

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Emptied the wagon.  Everything was garbage.  What a shame.  Seats, door panels, all shredded by critters and rusty from the elements.  BW auto tranny in the back.  Garbage as well.  Rusty as an anchor - and just as useful.






check out the rust hole!






spent a lot of time carefully removing the dash assembly




Paul needs a dash pad and this one looks nice.  Quick wipe with a wet rag:




That'll do!




I guess it's time to remove the doors and suspension and start cutting the shell.  Anyone need anything?  The left rear quarter is pretty nice.  I'm keeping the front clip I think.  We'll see...

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Got the doors and the rest of the front stripped after lunch.  Had to make hey while the sun shined.  Was supposed to rain all day so this was a nice surprise!




Drivers door is nice.  Left rear door has some dents inside and out.  It was actually bolted shut with a little piece of bar stock.  ?!




The passenger side doors are toast obviously but the glass is good and both rear doors have the rare vertical stainless piece between the main window and the 1/4 window.




Driver side fender has dent in front and rot in the lower rear but otherwise could be useful for repair patches?




NOT what I wanted to see.  Both upper frame rails are rotted through.






Salvaged a few presentable parts.




Front end stripped - no suspension or anything.  wiper motor and linkage out now as well.




I will cut off the core support.  There are a couple guys that want that.










The rockers and most of the floor look good.  I may keep all that in once cut.  Anyone need a 510 floor?






Left rear 1/4 is pretty nice.






If you are itching for a chunk of a wagon, let me know soon so I can make the best cuts.


Just need to pull the rear suspension, right cargo window, gas tank, and rear hatch and then it's sawzall time.  Unfortunately, I can't get the rear hatch open.  It may be rusted shut actually - the entire back of the cargo area along the hatch is nice and rotten.  The latch mechanism is frozen too but can't tell if it's frozen open or frozen shut.  Should be a fun puzzle...

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I see that nice 510 in back with a smashed front WTF???How these nice car keep getting smashed.  Dillions also .man I hate seeing that






The hope is that some of the parts from these two cars will get a couple smashed or project cars back on the road.  That's the whole point.

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I've heard the wagon front clips are slightly different. Jeff would know.

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There are some suspension differences - ride height and geometry - with different idler and/or pitman arms to compensate.

On the unibody itself, the wagon has triangular gussets linking the upper frame rail to the upper door post/A-pillar.  You can see it in the photos.


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............although the upper fender rails are rotted junk, FYI I seem to remember cutting up a Goon few years back, found that the back section of the upper fender rails were DOUBLE walled, where the Sedans were not........??


Nice job saving what you could!  Parts cars are getting harder to find.  I have a Sedan parts car right now, only parts car in the last 5++ years!  :crying:   



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I don't know about differences inside.  Just about the gusset.  Here is a sedan cut:




Look at where the upper frame rail meets the firewall.  Then look at the same area here from the wagon.



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Amazingly, it did not rain again today so I finished up the dismantling and cutting.


Started by removing the rear hatch, that was a job!  The latch mechanism was frozen/rusted shut.




But I won!




Bummer it's so rusty on the bottom.  The rest of the skin is decent though and could make good patch panels?




Core support cut just behind the T/C mounts




Strut towers just in case someone needs to replace a screwed up set.  I'd actually like to do that on rice wagon.  The PO ran full size 280zx springs and it beat the towers to heck!






tail lights, hatch spring cover, bumper brackets, bumper filler, all removed.




Really nice left rear quarter



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Roof - good for patch panels or welding practice?




Not much left now




Cargo floor gone




Complete rear end.  Should be low miles.  Off the road since '81.








Floor does have some isolated rot but could be useful for patching.




Some assembly required




One down!



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Yup, I remember the Goon gussets......often added to Sedans looking at track duty!  I can't quite make out if the back section of the upper rail is double walled.........maybe look at that when you cut up the Sedan......??  I would be curious!

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Here is an upper frame rail from a different 510 wagon I cut up years ago.




Are you saying that additional sheet metal that makes the whole rail wider is not on the sedans?

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Yes, maybe!  I wonder if that outer "layered" piece of formed metal is added to the Goon.....??  So this last pic of the yellow one is Goon & of course the one you just cut up is a Goon?  I might be cutting up my Sedan this weekend, so will look at that! 

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Yes, both wagons.


Best view I have of a 2dr upper frame rail until I get the fenders off the blue car:




I don't see the additional piece on the upper frame rail.  (right side of photo)

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Yup, I do NOT see that additional "loop" either!!  I sold an upper rail a few years ago, the guy called me after getting it, said it was different........that was the last time I cut up a shell!  Good to know this!



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I posted a for sale add on Ratsun and craigslist and the response was overwhelming.  24 people in the first 24 hours wanting parts.  ~40 total so far.  Crazy!  The community is hungry.  I have sold parts casually for years but have never seen a response like this...  Anyway, a lot of people were asking about sedan parts.























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One guy really needed front and back passenger side corners.  Well...  Kind of bonked I'm afraid.





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spent the whole weekend trying to match up parts to people and have quite a few things off my property already (thanks!) so it's good to see this stuff going where it should go.  Back on surviving 510s!  That was the whole point.


Frank came over Sunday and needed some sheet metal for a car he's working on.  Keegan dropped by too and before you knew it...











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rear doors look okay.














Free trunk lid anyone?





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That is a great parts car for sure!  That dash looks really nice, although grungy!  Good luck parting!!  

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