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Aibast Volvo 740 "van" + some other cars

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I just finaly got the turbo engine ECU and wireing removed from the donor car. I removed the engine bay harness ( 1/6 ) before as it had a nice big connector in the engine bay.


It was all routed trough this hole and ran under coil and beind the strut tower.



This is now a ( 2/6th)  part of my colored spagetty monster.

I know what goes where so no problem with this.  All the + side going trough this harnes, and passanger side front lights. Driver side lights are in the same harness as ABS and Ignition ECU's -going to remove these soon.



Next removing the hood and front fenders and but them in storage.


And a fotographer that was in the summer Youngtimer Camp found some photos of the van on the sprint run.  I did try my best to get the car to lift a wheel and slide a bit, but not enough speed to get it going. Still had a small slide on the gravel corner, but didn't let it go to far. There was a concrete block on the outside edge in the end of the corner.



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I really dig the van, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very curious about what's next to it...  😁





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16 hours ago, datsunfreak said:

I really dig the van, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was very curious about what's next to it...  😁



Next to it is a friends 1962 Volvo Amazon 2 door. B18 engine and 4 speed manual box. Needs work but in a good condition for the age.

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Front brakes where a bit hard. Had to realy press on the pedal to make her stop. Removed the calibers and pistons move realy well. The pins that the caliber glides on were a bit rust bitted and didn''t slide so well.


Ordered a repair kit and added new pins and rubber boots with new grease.



Noticed some weird things behind the bumper and gaps were off. So removed the bumper to get some things off.



PS. Volvos 80's safety trick. 2cm thick aluminium girder thats in the bumper attach to these things.



When that was done went on to remove the wireing harness from the donor. After some research removed the things that I needl. Most of the wires are not neaded. From 52 wires I only need 15 as minimum and 18 if I use some extra features like ECU controlled cooling fan, fuel pumps, constant idle adjusting to engine load. The Van has a carb engine originaly and use stand alone ignition computer with vacume adjusted load metering, knock adjusted timing, overheating protection and was even used on 16V turbo engines. So no need to use donor ignition.



This is what is left on the inside. Still need some relays and fueses from this mess.


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Went to annual technical inspection and everything works. Brakes are good, lights are ok, shocks are good, bushings and steering ok. Emmissions is metered but the result is not counted as the car is over 30 years old. But I'll be converting to injecton and add a catalityc converter to her anyway.



Removed fuelpump and filter from the donor car. Waiting on the new gasgets for the injection intake manifold.


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started getting things ready. First the intake manifold port matching and some smooting over the injectors connecting areas.

Here is a pic of half done intake with gasget on it to check things over. Useing the same gasget on the heads intake channels to match things up.



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going to use my "van" to get some Yule trees this year. Snow and RWD = perfect 😄 Happy solstice to you all.


This years trip is done. Took my daughter with me this time.



Used logging road to get to my property



Found a place to leave the transport. It is an hours walk to get where I have my young trees growing to take over old fields.



Searching for trees. 



Found what we where looking for.



Back to the Van.




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still can''t work on the van. 

First friends  XC90 had issues with injectors and turbo management. Took the D5 apart.



New turbo electronic actuator and cleaned everything up again.



Got it running again with no more problems and fault codes.

Next stripped the MX5 clean of the bad "mods"




Off with front and rear spoilers, side skirts and fender flares.

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Miata is a wrap


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Used "van" today.... and.... the autobox is toast. Doesn't shift well and has no pull. So auto -> manual swap is in order now.

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Damn that Miata is fun on snow 😄 Sideways all the time.


Started on the auto box to manual by getting parts from the donor. It was but outside for storage. Well , got the thing lifted up first to loosen bolts under the car and open overdrive electric connections.



Manual pedalbox, alternator from the engine to get more space, brake booster and cluch master cylinder.



And then found out that driveshaft and gearbox connecting flanges have rusted together. Removed the bolts and stuck as can be. Hammering on it didn't do anything. So left it soaking with penetrating oil. Next morning but the car on stands.



Took a concrete braking chisel, ground it to more defined edge/point. And with that and a hammer tapped the flanges apart.


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It is out 😄


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 Old AW70 automatic is 710mm long, M46+Overdrive is 770mm long.

The front part of the driveshaft is extended from stock as the cars body is extended. Now need to shorten this custom part.


My friend removing automatic shifter/gear selector and pedal box.


New pedals in, clutch master cilinder and slave cilinder are on the car. 

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Clutch is in



Next came the gearbox.



Clutch travel is adjusted and it is ready to go. All I need now is a driveshaft and some other parts.

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