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1980 Datsun 720

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Hey guys im new to this forum ive been reading a lot here in the past few days since i bought my first Datsun, it's a 1980 720 king cab 2wd. I would post a picture but i dont see where to upload im using a mobile device


I bought it a few days ago it runs okay i paid $200 for the truck


Im trying to see what transmision is in it because the previous owner told me the engine was swapped for what he believes to be a z20s.


I read on here that the king cab was the only one to have a 5 speed transmission so I just want to make sure it's the original because the clutch is on it's way out and I don't want to buy the wrong one.


Thank you guys for all the information on this forum

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The L series engine ID is stamped on a flat boss on the top of the block where it meets the head directly behind the oil dip stick on the rear right side.
The Z series engine ID is stamped on a flat boss on the top of the block where it meets the head between the two pair of exhaust pipes on the left side between the #2 and #3 spark plugs.

All 2wd '80 720 had the 5 speed option otherwise 4 speed or automatic. However only the '80 4x4 720 King Cabs had the 5 speed.

Either way, the transmission has no bearing on the clutch you may have. If an L20B it should be a 225mm clutch and pressure plate. If a Z20 from a 720 it should be a 240mm clutch, but if from a car it will be 225mm. The thing to do is pull the old clutch off and measure across the clutch disc and find out.


Ity's the only way to be sure.


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